How will using the ALFA Logistics Network Platform benefit me?

ALFA Logistics Network has partnered with Buying Project Network to deliver technologies and benefits to you, the valued Network Member.

Logistics RFQ

Real-time RFQs to your Network Partners provides total transparency across all your logistics projects, build your worldwide partner network and receive quotes, document exchange and messaging, finally gain control of project communication.

Network Cloud

ALFA Logistics Network Members receive rate requests from network partners using Network Cloud, receive incoming business RFQs from your partners and Buytasker's BPN Logistic Network and customers, respond in minutes with the built in dynamic Quote Builder.

Network Pay

ALFA Logistics Network Network Pay provides a fee free economy for payments between Members. Hold up to 25 popular currencies in your virtual currency accounts, make instant and scheduled payments fee free, save thousands with the low FX conversion rates.

Buying Project Network

ALFA Logistics Network Members benefit from our partnership with Buytasker's BPN Logistics Network for incoming rate requests for Air, Sea, Road and Project Cargo projects from Buytasker's worldwide customers.